Copings, window sills and special pier caps at the Hotel Best Cambrils

Polymer concrete, resistant to coastal humidity and salinity

We participated in the restoration of this emblematic hotel of the Best Hotels chain. This building is located in the province of Tarragona, Catalunya, between the coastal towns of Salou and Cambrils.

The hotel is located on the promenade just a few metres from the beach, and it is this proximity to services and the coast that attracts its customers.

Due to the salinity of the sea, the humidity and strong coastal winds, the facades of beachfront buildings deteriorate more easily.

That is why, when it came to renovating this hotel, it has been chosen a material that is highly resistant to all these harmful agents, polymer concrete.

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Our material is ideal for this type of project in coastal areas, as it is practically waterproof and therefore resistant to coastal humidity and salinity.

Its properties provide long durability to the pieces placed on the facades.

In total, we have supplied more than 2000 metres of copings, window sills and special pier caps from our standard range of architectural precast products. Straight and curved window sills have been used, and the curved ones have been fitted as balcony infills. 


Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast  small catalogue

Architectural Precast small catalogue


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