Special balcony piece for an emblematic facade in Valladolid

ULMA has designed and manufactured a custom piece for the restoration of the emblematic Tempo building

ULMA Architectural Solutions has created a prefabricated special piece for the structural cantilever balcony of the emblematic Tempo building in Valladolid. Given its size and weight, it is a highly complex piece, which has been used to secure the balcony to the slab and therefore maintain the original iron railing.

In order to rehabilitate the balcony, the project's architect, Álvaro Finat, required a solution which could restore the building's balconies both structurally and in terms of finish. “I wanted to avoid using a metal structure similar to the previous one, and I hoped it would not be necessary to install any floor surfacing, in order to prevent mismatches between the floor and the façade and, in particular, the railing, which I wanted to restore and support on the balcony.

As Álvaro Finat pointed out, “it is not uncommon to see balconies which are poorly executed or implemented in terms of appearance, particularly when using pieces which are affected by frost (untreated areas are left exposed when cutting) and which require subsequent maintenance. ULMA's solution ensured the continuity of the existing concrete slab and structure, compatible with the restored ironwork, providing a global solution to our problems."

Polymer concrete, key to solve the problem

The properties of polymer concrete have made it possible to create a prefabricated piece without reinforcements or the need for any formwork on site. Labour costs were saved by supplying the balcony as a single piece, securing it to the slab and bolting it to the original ironwork.

"We like the polymer concrete's finish, durability and versatility; we were able to make some pieces we could not have even imagined." Álvaro Finat, Project Architect.


The complexity of this operation was the installation, given the significant weight and size of the piece. As the project's architect told us, "placement was far from straightforward, and was only possible thanks to careful design and study of the piece during the manufacture process, which made the installation viable despite its complexity."

Technical Datasheet:

Property Developer: C.B. Tempo building (joint tenancy)
Builder: Ferrovial Agroman SA
Architect: Alvaro Finat Urgel (partners Emilio Lezcano - Raúl Menéndez)
Surface area: 2700 m2
Location: Calle Claudio Moyano, 2 extending along Calle Santiago, 27, Valladolid

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