Restoring and maintaining the aesthetics of a building from the 1930s

Restoring and maintaining the aesthetics of a building from the 1930s

Nostalgia, or a longing for a better time in the past. 

While it may cause us some angst, we also find comfort in remembering special moments, places and people from our past.

Some buildings also have this power to evoke our imagination when looking at them, leading us to think about how people might have lived at the time they were built. Or to feel nostalgia for the moments lived in them.

Some of these buildings are of great historical or architectural value, and every professional in the restoration sector is fully aware that they must not be altered.

In such cases, the most common request is usually to improve the building's technical characteristics while maintaining the aesthetics of each era. 

This project is one such example. 

It is a historical building dating back to the 2nd Spanish Republic, which also suffered damage in the siege of Madrid during the Civil War (1936-39). 

Its facade was made of top-quality prefabricated elements from the time. However, with the passing years and everything it had been through, the building was in need of restoration. 

Special cornice to maintain the building's charm

The project's architect, Javier Contreras, was quite clear that the building's unique charisma and aesthetics had to be maintained, and set about finding a prefabricated cornice that could reproduce the original. The piece also had to be lightweight.

The final solution was a specifically designed prefabricated engineered stone cornice. 


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Because our material is perfect for this type of project, thanks to it being both:

1.Lightweight. Its excellent mechanical properties mean pieces with a thinner profile and smaller dimensions can be produced, creating parts that are much lighter than when using other materials.

2.Mouldable. The material adapts easily to allow existing shapes and moulds to be created and recreated, replicating the piece being replaced.

In total, around 600 cornices specially designed for this particular project have been supplied. 

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