MO Model

MO Model

They are manufactured to a standard measurement of 130 cm and variable width according to table attached. The base of the pieces has gravel and anchors for correct installation. (see installation instructions)

Straight and Infilling: Standard length: 130cm

Curved: Standard length: 130cm, Except MO35R, MO40R: 100cm. (*Ask about radii available)

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Straight Remate Square Curved A cm. B cm.
MO-12 RMO-12T-2 MO-12E MO-12R* 12 17
MO-14 RMO-14T-2 MO-14E MO-14R* 14 19
MO-17 RMO-17T-2 MO-17E MO-17R* 17 22
MO-19 RMO-19T-2 MO-19E MO-19R* 19 24
MO-22 RMO-22T-2 MO-22E MO-22R* 22 27
MO-25 RMO-25T-2 MO-25E MO-25R* 25 30
MO-30 RMO-30T-2 MO-30E MO-30R* 30 35
MO-35  RMO-35T-2 MO-35E MO-35R* 35 40
MO-40  RMO-40T-2 MO-40E MO-40R* 40 45

Technical data PDF
Installation instructions PDF