The best solution for the restoration of facades

The Ventilated Facade is a constructive system that includes a ventilated air chamber between the walls, the insulation and the exterior panels of the building, providing multiple benefits such as a reduction in energy consumption, increase in comfort or modernization, and resulting in the revaluation of the building.

How to know if the time has come to restore the facade of your building

  • I have damp problems in my home
  • I have condensation on windows and walls.
  • I have patches and flaking paint inside the house.
  • The facade of my building has detachments or is deteriorated.
  • I feel cold in my home and I want to improve thermal comfort.
  • There is excessive noise coming from the outside and I want to improve acoustic comfort.

Leave it in the best hands. At ULMA we have carried out more than 1,000 facade restoration projects.

Energy Certificate We opt for a recyclable, reusable, non-polluting and chemically inert material. Optimal for restorations and with properties that extend the life of the building promoting Sustainable Construction.

Advantages of ULMA ventilated facades

Renovation of your building's image.

You can update the image of your building according to new architectural trends or maintain the existing aesthetics, thanks to the unlimited customization capacity of our panels, which provide stylish, spectacular textures and finishes.


Polymer concrete is a non-porous material that does not absorb dirt or environmental moisture. You will enjoy unbeatable results against deterioration due to pollution or saline environments. The aluminium support structure will also ensure a long life for your facade.

Minimum maintenance

The zero water absorption and the use of state-of-the-art resins mean that, with very basic maintenance, ULMA facades will be kept in optimum conditions.

Energy savings.

You will reduce heat loss in the cold months and heat absorption in the warm months, thus achieving important savings in your energy bill.

Fast and efficient execution

ULMA's professional technicians and installers will efficiently renew the facade from the outside of the building with minimal inconvenience to residents in a short period.

Revaluation of assets

The use of a natural and fine material like polymer concrete will revalue your building to a greater extent than the amount invested in its restoration.

Success stories Restored in 8 months

Watch the process of one of our restorations, 14,000 m2 executed quickly and efficiently and with an impeccable finish in only 8 months.

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Wide range of textures and finishes

The knowledge acquired in these 25 years of experience has allowed us to design a wide range of products that meet our customers' needs.










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