Trust and peace of mind

Trust and peace of mind

Have you ever wondered what conveys trust and peace of mind? No, I'm not talking about a stroll along the beach or lying down to read in freshly cut grass. But I do love that smell... 

I'm talking about the qualities that a company needs to offer for its customers to place their trust in it. What makes you choose one option over another?

When considering these values, factors like closeness and information come into play. And at ULMA, as suppliers of drainage solutions, that’s what we try to offer. 

I know, trust has to be earned and shown. That's why I'm now going to tell you a story (based on real events).

The French construction company TP Colas got in touch with us to carry out a bus and railway station project in the French city of Sete. TP Colas was already aware of us as they had used our solutions before, which is always a plus. 

In this case their requirements were different: we're talking about a bus station, where the channels need to support heavy loads and heavy traffic. And one of the construction company's queries was how to avoid the grating from rattling when the buses drove over it. They also needed a solution for pedestrian areas that would not affect the beauty of the environment, but would effectively drain away rainwater. 

Hidden drainage for pedestrian areas 

Hidden drainage is the option we usually recommend for public spaces. It is a comprehensive system made up of a channel, a single-slot grating and an accessible sump unit. With this solution we have managed to create a water collection system that is practically invisible, as it blends perfectly with the urban landscape, making it barely noticeable. It is a really easy way to offer a discreet solution that is usually required for pedestrianised areas and urban spaces in general. 

And for supporting heavy loads we have the compact channels. 

Are you looking for a drainage solution? We're here for you, at the click of a button.

Kompaqdrain compact channels for supporting heavy loads

The Kompaqdrain channels are made from polymer concrete and are compact (the grating and the channel form one single component), so they offer increased safety for use in locations that need to support heavy loads. 

But the customer had not heard of this product. They were not aware of the features of this solution, so they weren't sure. 

So here is where the closeness and information we mentioned at the beginning comes into play. For this project we performed hydraulic calculationswhich helped us to demonstrate why this was the best solution. 

With this objective information our technical team were able to provide explanations to resolve the customer's queries and doubts. 

And that is peace of mind. 

The peace of mind of knowing that you have a team of people behind you. People who know what they're doing and what they're talking about, because they are specialists. And giving our customers peace of mind is one of our cornerstones at ULMA, because the relationship between our team and our customers is based on offering quality solutions with a friendly service and an atmosphere based on trust.  

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