4 Benefits of restorate your project with a ventilated facade

Do you want to restorate a unique facade, in less time and without any hitches?
facade cladding restoration

Here we will explain why an ULMA facade cladding is the ideal choice for your restoration. It will make your work easier, saving time and avoiding headaches.

1.- You will save time, easily adapting the project to the facade's original design.

Adapting straightforwardly to an existing design is important when refurbishing.

ULMA's flexible locking system, combined with the sizing of the panels, ensures easy adaptation to the height between windows and to any other special features.

Avoid difficulties and obstacles that will hamper daily work on the project.

2.- You will rejuvenate the building, providing a spectacular finish.

Whether you wish to maintain the building's appearance or revamp it in line with architectural trends, you will be sure to find a wide range of textures and colours, either with elegant or more daring finishes.

Let them inspire you and bring your ideas to life.

3.- You will save time and avoid problems, carrying out the work quickly and efficiently.

ULMA's professional installers and engineers will ensure the facade is renovated efficiently from outside the building, with minimum disturbance to residents.

4.- Your projects will last the test of time. Commitment to quality.

You will surely want your project to endure over time without any loss of quality.

Engineered stone, as used for our facade panels, is a non-porous material that does not absorb dirt or environmental humidity.

It therefore allows you to enjoy unparalleled results in terms of protection from deterioration caused by pollution or saline environments. You will no longer need to remove deteriorated projects from your portfolio. 

How it benefits the building's owners

Savings on energy bills

ULMA's ventilated facade ensures significant savings on energy bills by reducing both heat loss in winter and absorption in summer.

Enhance the value of the building

Using a natural noble material such as engineered stone will enhance your building's value, far exceeding the cost of refurbishment.

If you find all this interesting, feel free to ask any questions using the form and we will be sure to help with your refurbishment project.

Savings on facade maintenance

Engineered stone's zero water absorption rate will ensure ULMA's facades are kept in optimum conditions with simple maintenance, just soap and water.

 Save time and money in partial work

You may have unsuccessfully tried to fix damage to the facade through minor work and patches. An ULMA facade is the solution to all problems in the long term.


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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier