LEED: a sustainable commitmet; an ULMA commitment

The new global economic scenario is obliging us to review many of the principles, values and rules on which operations involving the economy and corporate decision-making used to be based.
LEED: a sustainable commitmet; an ULMA commitment

The goal is to achieve a more evenly-balanced and sustainable model of development based on a different manner of interpreting the economy, resources, consumer standards, and in this specific case, construction systems.

The firm commitment of ULMA Architectural Solutions to sustainability, the environment and energy efficiency is reflected in this document summarising the contribution of ULMA to LEED Certification, which, in accordance with each project, may amass up to a maximum of 32 points of the 110 possible in relation to the seven categories under analysis:

  1. Sustainable plots.
  2. Water efficiency.
  3. Energy and atmosphere.
  4. Materials and resources.
  5. Indoor air quality.
  6. Innovation in management.
  7. Regional priorities.

LEED provides a complete framework for the assessment of buildings and the commitment of the same to sustainability, and, as such, the LEED commitment is the commitment of ULMA Architectural Solutions towards a new, more evenly-balanced, sustainable and environment-friendly scenario.

Download our LEED Certification Commitment and Contribution document.

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