A unique facade with semi-perforated panels

We know that architectural innovation is an essential factor in creating different solutions.  And we love putting ourselves to the test and proving to ourselves (and the world) that we can materialize incredible ideas, no matter how complicated or impossible they may seem to begin with.

The moldability of our material, Stoneo, makes it possible to create inventive and personalized skins. The only limit is your imagination — we take care of the rest.

And since an image is worth a thousand words, today we’re bringing you a project for which we created customized panels with a semi-perforated design: Vinaròs nursing home in Castellón. Spain.

The architecture studio SELGAR ARQUITECTES, SLP, led by architect Pep Selgar, took on the design project of this nursing home, built on top of the Day Center. Despite the added difficulty that this entails, we were able to meet all the planned deadlines thanks to the coordination and cooperation of everyone involved.

In total, 1700 square meters of ventilated facade clad with semi-perforated Stoneo panels were used, decorated with a custom design.

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Stoneo Art: Custom ventilated facades

The Stoneo Art range is an excellent creative solution for designing unique facades. Any texture, color or design is possible. Your mind projects it, we materialize it. This range offers endless customization possibilities.

For the Vinaròs nursing home, we developed a buttoned texture. A semi-perforated panel in which the design doesn’t penetrate the entire panel, instead, the facade is half-perforated by inward buttons.

At ULMA, we love challenges that make us think outside the box and step out of our comfort zone. This project was one of them, as it was our first time manufacturing semi-perforated panels.  

The result speaks for itself — just take a look at the photos featured in this blog. The texture of the panels is similar to Braille, don’t you think?

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier