Court of justice in Bahia- Brazil

ULMA Facade System at Bahia Court of Justice in Brasil

This project involves the restoration of the building housing the Court of Justice for the State of Bahía in Brazil, the maximum Judiciary body in the State of Bahía whose seat is in the city of Salvador and with jurisdiction throughout the State of Bahía. The Court is made up of 41 judges whose purpose is to review and reach decisions about the important cases of all of the Judiciary in the State of Bahía. Its current president is Mario Alberto Hirs for the biennium 2012-2013.

This restoration was undertaken in 6 months by the ULMA installers' team. The horizontal placement system was used and the Earth textures in colour P03 (greyish black) of the Vanguard range.

Discover the Vanguard Facade System and the advantages for restoration.


  • PROMOTER: Court of Justice for the State of Bahia.
  • Construction Company: CPL Constructora
  • Architect: Architecture Team of the Bahia Court of Justice.
  • Implementation timeframe: 6 months.
  • Surface area of the works: 3,500 m2


Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier




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