If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Popular proverbs are an inexhaustible source of knowledge and I like them because they serve to explain much deeper thoughts, reflections or teachings in a few words. 

Today I have chosen an African proverb as the headline for this text because it perfectly illustrates the path we traveled to carry out a project. Because in this case, teamwork and synergy have been decisive aspects in the execution of the construction project. 

This is the project for the refurbishment and extension of the Stomatology Unit of the San Rafael Hospital, in which thanks to the great coordination between the architecture studio DAU Arquitectos, the construction company Ferrovial-Agroman and ULMA Architectural Solutions we have been able to execute the facade cladding in record time. 

In addition, we have adapted to the aesthetic specifications, to the point of formulating a special porphyry color formed by a combination of colors, for the facade of the San Rafael Hospital. 

Special porphyry color 

At ULMA we know that architects, developers and designers are increasingly demanding with the aesthetic finishes of buildings. That is why we have a great variety of textures and colors. But if you do not find what you are looking for, we are also capable of creating them. Yes, you read that right, we did it for this project. 

For the base, a dark gray color specifically designed for this project was formulated, with a striped Pure texture, evoking traces and reliefs typical of stone. 

In the case of the panels between the windows, Stoneo panels were used in a cream color in two textures: Feel (a smooth texture with a smooth surface) and Pure (with a stone-like appearance).

You can see it in the photos.  

If you also want to work together with us to take your facade to another level, contact us. 

The importance of teamwork

This is the second time that we have worked together with DAU Arquitectos and Ferrovial-Agroman on an architectural project. We met and worked together for the first time on the Santa María de la Paz Reception and Social Recovery Center.  

On this occasion there was smooth coordination between the parties when defining and executing the project. Being a construction project with many different facades and various colors and textures, the execution time could have been approximately 4 months. But we already told you that we did it in record time, and it took us half as long!

As Marcos Pérez-Sauquillo Muñoz (DAU Arquitectos) told us: “This new occasion allows us to reassert ourselves in the intrinsic quality of the finishes and the facade cladding system, the distinctive character provided by the variety of tones and textures, as well as the excellent value for money of its solutions”. 

This has been the second time we have worked together, but as the saying goes: all good things come in threes... 

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier