How does polymer concrete behave with carbonatation?

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How does polymer concrete behave with carbonatation?

Many  people  ask us about the behavior of our material, the polymer concrete, with  problems such as carbonation, which generate problems of landslides in buildings.

We answer several of these questions here:

How does polymer concrete behave with carbonation?

  • Polymer concrete does not present the typical carbonation problems in which the internal reinforcements rust and break the concrete, firstly, because it is non-porous concrete and secondly because it is never internally reinforced, as this is not necessary due to its hardness and resistance.

How does pollution affect polymer concrete?

  • Polymer concrete offers very high resistance to chemical products and to different external agents and therefore its physical properties are not affected by pollution.

Can harsh frosts break polymer concrete?

  • No. Polymer concrete is non-porous concrete and therefore does not allow any water to enter that can expand when frozen and eventually burst or break it.

We have been working and researching with our material for more than 25 years, so we are improving it day by day.


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