A modern prefabricated balcony for the Central House hostel in Madrid

A modern, lightweight solution that is simple to install

When you think about adventures, the first idea that generally pops into your head is going on a trip.

Well, at least that's what happens to me. 

A trip, maybe to a remote, exotic destination where you can have adventures and the most unexpected experiences. A bit like in the Indiana Jones or Jumanji films. 

But sometimes there's no need to go so far afield and you can find genuine adventurers of another kind, who may be closer than you think.

This is a clear example. Even in difficult times like these, there are people with the courage to take the plunge and start a business in one of the sectors that has been hardest hit by the pandemic, as is the case of this hostel in Madrid. That's also an adventure.

It is in the traditional neighbourhood Lavapiés, a bustling, multicultural area where people get together to have a few drinks in the capital. It's the ideal place for intrepid travellers who want to explore the real Madrid.

But this is not just an attempt to promote the hostel; we also want to tell you about our architectural contribution. 

Modern and minimalist balconies

As indicated in the headline, we have designed modern and minimalist balconies using prefabricated pieces of polymer concrete.

The balcony, a luxury item during quarantine and, from here on out, a must-have in your specifications.

The balcony is composed of a set of 3 prefabricated pieces: a base slab and two side pieces, completed with a glass railing that brings lightness and gives it a very modern feel.

There are 56 balconies in anthracite grey, creating an attractive contrast with the reddish colour of the building's face bricks.

The balconies are the standout feature of this 3-floor facade, giving it a modern and light feel. They create and suggest a symmetrical, clean and minimalist look. 

The Tas Valor Arquitectura architecture firm ordered a prefabricated solution from us, prioritising the design and the finish in a specific colour (RAL 7016) and it would have to be quick and easy to install.

To avoid any problems during the installation phase, ULMA's technical team is always by your side to determine and define the necessary details. Because we know how important it is for you to have a supplier who you can trust, who works in a professional and honest manner.

The material, polymer concrete, also offers peace of mind. 

If you want a solution for your balcony and you also care about working with honesty, professionalism and confidence, write to us.

We have been innovating with polymer concrete for over 30 years. It is a non-porous material and its low level of absorption (0.1 %) guarantees watertightness and minimal wear due to the effects of atmospheric phenomena such as thawing, rain, wind and abrasion. It is also resistant to pollution, a useful feature that is highly necessary in cities with as much traffic as Madrid.

Furthermore, its composition makes it extremely lightweight, making it much easier to handle during installation when compared with materials like stone and concrete.


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Architectural Precast catalogue

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Architectural Precast small catalogue


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