ULMA architectural precast on the Aire building in Gijon

ULMA Architectural Solutions has supplied copings, window sills and window surrounds in polymer concrete.

In the coastal city of Gijon, a residential project of 29 design homes has been developed on Jenaro Suárez Prendes Street. The AIRE building is a development that stands out for its quality and design, large terraces and optimal orientation. Three polymer concrete prefabricated pieces by ULMA have been fitted: copings, window sills and window surrounds.

The carbonation on the facades of buildings in coastal areas is an increasingly common problem. The humidity and saltpetre oxidise the metal reinforcements of the pieces that cover the front, causing wear or even breakage. ULMA architectural prefabricated pieces are waterproof, lightweight, flexible and resistant to humidity and saltpetre.

Three different models of white copings have been installed, creating a very attractive contrast with the dark grey walls. The window sills are ideal for any type of construction, as they are easy to install and aesthetically attractive. In this case white window sills have been used to stand out. The window surrounds are the pieces composed of the jamb and the moulding in a single piece to adorn the window opening. The piece has been supplied in grey, meaning it goes unnoticed as it blends in with the facade.

In total, 600ML of ULMA prefabricated pieces have been installed, which stand out for their water-tightness and resistance thanks to the polymer concrete, and their easy installation on site.


Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast  small catalogue

Architectural Precast small catalogue


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