• ULMA copings are pieces used to finish wall crownings that are used to evacuate the water to prevent filtrations
  • Ideal for any type of construction for being easy to install, as well as for their aesthetics
  • MA. Gable
  • MB. Skillion
  • MJ. Flat
  • MO. Gable
  • With stainless anchorage to guarantee the optimal intallation, avoiding the corrosion of the piece.



Clean the area where the piece is going to be fitted.


Apply a layer of elastic adhesive cement to the installation area and to the piece


Proceed to open the anchors on the back of the pieces by inserting them into the chamber of the installation area


Apply a layer of elastic adhesive mortar type C2S2 (double glued) to the coping. Make sure that the adhesive mortar covers and surrounds the anchor


Fit the piece by hammering it, levelling it and aligning it correctly


Whenever it is necessary to fit more than one piece, place the master next to the piece fitted and mark a 5 mm joint between the pieces


Place the next piece alongside master joint. Hammer, level and align the piece according to the position of the first piece


Clean the joint between the pieces with the master by sliding it outwards, ensuring the joint is perfectly clean across the whole thickness


Proceed to seal the joints with a flexible impermeable element with high adhesion and modulus of elasticity. It is recommended for this element to have good resistance to UV rays to avoid yellowing and cracking. Repeat the operation successively


A commitment to sustainable construction
A commitment to sustainable construction

Stoneo coping for the Célere Cortijo Norte residential development (Madrid)

Old buildings on the beachfront
Old buildings on the beachfront

Protect them from saltpetre and humidity with this material

When quantity is not at odds with quality
When quantity is not at odds with quality

Over 10 km of architectural precast elements in the Célere Perales single-family housing development (Madrid)


Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast small catalogue

Architectural Precast small catalogue


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