Standard and special copings and window sills in the centre of Bilbao

Polymer concrete: a non-porous material that does not absorb dirt or humidity

Calle Autonomía in Bilbao is one of the city's most central and important avenues.

The construction company Olabarri has constructed a new building with 20 flats on this street, with modern architecture, spectacular curves and a contemporary design. Its white balconies make the building stand out.

But appearance isn't everything. In a residential building, the quality of the finish is key.

And to withstand Bilbao's rainy climate without the pieces deteriorating in no time, it is very important to use a hard-wearing material on the facade.

Construcciones Olabarri therefore opted for copings and window sills made by ULMA Architectural Solutions.

They are made of polymer concrete, a material that allows smooth surfaces to be created and facilitates the drainage of water, ensuring its impermeability.

They also have a water absorption rate of almost zero, which guarantees the watertightness of the pieces, thus preventing them from deteriorating over time.

As it is a non-porous material and it does not absorb dirt, making it ideal for use in urban areas with a lot of traffic, as in this case, where pollution is a problem associated with maintenance of the facade.

Polymer concrete is also very pliable. Thanks to this, pieces that are normally standard can be adapted in terms of size or angle for a perfect fit in each project.

If you have a project under way where you need copings, window sills or any other prefabricated piece for your facade, contact us here.

Terrace thresholds, different models and sizes of standard copings and window sills, both straight and curved, were supplied for this building. And in order to adapt to the special curves that make this building unique, MA model copings and Y model window sills were produced with a specific radius, providing a customised solution to meet the building's needs.

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Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast catalogue

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Architectural Precast small catalogue