When quantity is not at odds with quality

Over 10 km of architectural precast elements in the Célere Perales single-family housing development (Madrid)
When quantity is not at odds with quality

The dilemma between quantity and quality can be extrapolated to different parts of our daily lives. How many times have we heard that "the important thing is to spend quality time as a family"? As if small was synonymous with good. 

This may be possible in some cases: they say that good perfume comes in small bottles…  

But in our case it is not so. We like to offer our customers added value through our prefabricated solutions, which is why, in our philosophy, quantity does not have to be at odds with quality. We strive to do our best in every project we work on, whether big or small. 

The example shown here will let you see for yourself. 

Célere Perales is a residential complex made up of single-family homes in Getafe (Madrid). It comprises a total of 158 white terraced houses with quality finishes. An elegant yet avant-garde design.  

To round off these terraced houses, we have supplied copings, jambs and window sills from our standard range of architectural precast solutions

We design, manufacture and market pieces to be used as finishes in construction projects. They are pieces designed for any type of construction, thanks to their quality and to being easy to install. 

ULMA prefabricated copings, window sills and jambs

The copings finish off the crowning, draining water to prevent seepage and protect the wall. Moreover, they are installed with stainless steel anchoring to ensure optimum fastening, thus preventing any corrosion in the long term. The coping model used in this development is straight (MB), with a standard length of 130 cm. 

The window sills are designed to drain rainwater in the window apertures, and are essential to prevent water from entering the properties or seeping into the wall. The L model used in this residential project is straight and 260 cm long. 

The jambs are each of the two pieces placed vertically on the sides of the aperture of a window or door, and in this case have been used as the plinth course in the development area. 

The three pieces supplied make up over 10 km of material. A significant amount, no doubt. 

So why should a benchmark company such as Vía Célere choose ULMA? Undoubtedly, thanks to the quality of our parts and service

If you have an ongoing project in which you need copings, window sills or any other prefabricated piece for your facade, contact us here.

Quality finishes

Thanks to their carefully studied composition (90% selected aggregate), our architectural prefabricated solutions offer excellent physical and mechanical properties and higher resistance and impermeability than other materials. 

Since our pieces are made of non-porous material, they do not absorb dirt or moisture, thus guaranteeing impermeability over time. 

Their exceptional mechanical strength (up to 4 times more resistant to compression than traditional concrete) allows the production of light elements in compact sizes.

As they are prefabricated pieces with easy installation and handling, they also ensure optimum performance in placement.

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