Slab faces

Slab faces
  • Slab faces are pieces that can cover the front of the floor structure of each floor in a building, and its balconies and terraces, in order to prevent water filtration.



Make an anchor position template using one of the fronts as a model.


Apply a bed of elastic adhesive mortars type C2S2 on the top horizontal part to solidify the support of the piece.


Insert the piece with the anchors and take it to the base that you have previously prepared, leaving it to plumb both horizontally and vertically.


Place the following pieces, perfectly aligning them and providing a joint between them of at least 3 mm.


Seal joints with flexible, highly adhesive material to prevent water filtration. It is recommended for this material to have good behaviour to UV rays to avoid yellowing and cracking.


Prepare a base that acts as support and alignment of the fronts to be installed.


Cut the threaded rods to the desired size (it must enter a minimum of 5 cm in the the floor structure with healthy concrete). Screw in the rods to the bushings provided at the back of the front.


Fill the holes made with chemical plugs (this must be done taking into account the plug curing times specified by its manufacturer).


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Architectural Precast catalogue

Architectural Precast catalogue

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Architectural Precast small catalogue


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