Effective drainage - How do we speed up water flow and how does this benefit you?

Effective drainage - How do we speed up water flow and how does this benefit you?

Our goal is offer effective drainage and to enhance performance, to accomplish this we asked ourselves how could we give the system more energy and harness it for maximum performance?

It was our desire to progress that led to the development of some of our unique products, systems that help increase speed of water flow thus solving many of the problems frequently found in drainage systems in terms of efficiency and maintenance.

Today, we present two of these solutions:

1. 2.5% slope built into the channels, or how to create a gradient where there is none.

Our channels with built-in slope are the only ones on the market with an actual slope of 2.5%.

Although we have an extensive range with a 0.5% slope, incorporating a steeper slope achieves greater hydraulic capacity and overcomes any slope limitations that may occur.

The speed the water reaches thanks to the actual gradient of 2.5% also reduces the need for system cleaning and maintenance, since the energy in the form of water speed ensures this organically.

The Port of Naples in Italy, the Vela Hotel in Barcelona, the Krakow Arena in Poland among others projects have installed this solution. They have increased the capacity to discharge large amounts of water and reduced need for maintenance.

2. Max Flow® System - how to make the water enter the channel at a higher speed.

Our Kompaqdrain® compact channels are equipped with the Max Flow system. The special design of the inlets in this system, along with the directed bend, meant higher speeds for the water entering the channel, thus helping to increase hydraulic capacity whilst minimising the need for maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning effect generated.

The Silverburn shopping center, in Glasgow, also known as Pollok Town Centre, specified these channels for their car park area knowing the importance of efficient and safe drainage in public areas with heavy traffic.

ULMA is the only manufacturer that has these polymer concrete drainage solutions available in the market. Leading to a reduced need for maintenance, minimising cost.

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