A commitment to sustainable construction

Stoneo coping for the Célere Cortijo Norte residential development (Madrid)
A commitment to sustainable construction

Because of the pandemic and confinement, we value more elements of our homes that we did not deem so essential before. Working from home might not be the ideal solution for everyone, but it certainly made a lot of people rethink their needs. 

Among these new factors with growing value are the sustainability and energy efficiency of our homes. 

The developer Vía Célere has been integrating demanding environmental and energy saving criteria for years. The project that we bring you today is proof of this. 

Célere Cortijo Norte is a new-build residential development in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). It is a set of 312 premium townhouses, with a modern and minimalist design, by the well-known architect Alberto Martín Caballero. 

The homes have A Energy Rating, the highest standard in energy saving, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. 

In short, it is a development where sustainable criteria prevail without neglecting design. 

To finish off the crowning of the walls of this residential complex, we have supplied more than 17km of coping

The objective of these prefabricated parts is to empty out water to avoid leaks. They are installed with a stainless steel anchor, thus avoiding the corrosion of the part in the long term. For this development we have supplied the MA coping model in white and in various sizes from our standard range. 

But, in addition, we are also able to create customised solutions. For Célere Cortijo Norte, for example, we have designed a special mould for the manufacture of 70cm wide coping. A dimension that we did not have in our catalogue. So, we custom built it. 

Vía Célere knows the quality of our parts first-hand because they have already been used in the development of Célere Perales chalets. And as we already know, good things get repeated. 

If you have a project in hand where you need sustainable prefabricated parts, contact us here.

Stoneo: our commitment to sustainable construction

One of the main characteristics required of sustainable building materials is that they have to have high durability. And at ULMA we promote sustainable construction by backing Stoneo. 

Stoneo is a material derived from stone, composed almost entirely of natural (aggregates) and recycled components. All of them controlled through rigorous quality protocols.

A non-porous material, with almost no water absorption (0.1%), which guarantees that our parts do not absorb dirt or moisture, thus guaranteeing their impermeability over time. 

For us, quality means durability, and durability means sustainability!

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