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Eneko Ugalde has been appointed new managing director of ULMA Architectural Solutions


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The new Managing Director of ULMA Architectural Solutions, Eneko Ugalde, is a Higher Industrial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and has spent a large part of his professional career in projects related to the automotive and renewable energy industries, both in cooperatives and the private sector.

Born in Bergara, Eneko Ugalde, aged 41, has extensive experience in management. He has been Director General at Industrias Gol, part of Alfa Group, and Business Director in the cooperative Matz-Erreka, and has led industrial expansions on an international level in countries such as the USA, Mexico and Romania.

From his position at the head of the cooperative, he proposes guiding the organisation to meet new international challenges, assuming Innovation as an essential part of ULMA and bolstering its commitment to Customers, Quality and Ongoing Improvement.